Brief Biography 

     Dr. Eileen Smith is a native New Yorker who has a love for language and languages. She has enjoyed  extensive international experience, including years of living in France, Mexico, Japan, and  Brazil. She holds a B.S. from Georgetown University; she began graduate school at Columbia University and finished her M.A. in literature at the University of California, Davis. Returning to Georgetown, she completed the Ph.D. coursework in theoretical linguistics. She then earned her Ph.D. in discourse analysis, linguistics as applied to literature, at the University of California at Davis.

    Highlights of her international experiences include teaching English as a foreign language (EFL) on NHK national television in Japan for four years; attending the Sapporo Winter Olympic Games as a journalist/interpreter with the Associated Press; teaching advanced EFL at the USIA-affiliate language institutes in both Mexico City and So Paulo, Brazil.

    Since moving to Northern California, Eileen has taught French, Spanish, and English at the university level. She taught French at the University of California, Davis, for one year; then French and Spanish at California State University, Chico, for five years. She has been a full-time instructor at Shasta College in Redding since fall of 1985, where she has taught all levels of English language, literature, and linguistics, as well as Spanish, and French. Eileen is a published writer, with several books and articles to her credit. Since fall of 2007, she also teaches two upper division linguistics courses for California State University, Chico, at the Redding University Center. Personal ties, family tradition, and sentiments are now strongly linked to Northern California.